Church History

In the year 1948 a few saints, believing in God to lead them, formed the 9th Street Baptist Church with Rev. Paul Vaughn, in the home of Mrs. Ford.  Thru the years there were other ministers called to pastorate; Rev. Blackburn, Rev. Flowers and Rev. Wilson.  Upon moving to 7th and Liberty, under the pastorate of Rev. Wilson, the name was changed to St. Luke.

We later called Rev. John Boone as pastor and moved to 711 Oak Street and then later to 1626 W. Kentucky.  At that present site, the deacons were Brother Richard Stevenson and Brother Rufus Tarpin.

In 1969, We extended the call to Rev. Earl W. Drake Sr.  Through his guidance we enhanced our faith, made it thru trials and tribulations, praised God and continued to recognize that God is good all the time.  With much hard work we were able to purchase a building located at 426 South 20th Street.  We were able to pay the mortgage off in record time.  Seeing the need for better facilities, we were able to build a new edifice debt free.  Rev. Drake served as pastor until his death in 1999, at which time, Rev. Walter W. Ballinger was extended the invitation to lead the church.

Rev. Ballinger accepted the invitation. As a congregation, we felt that Rev. Ballinger was sent to us by God.  In many ways, he showed us that he was truly working for the Lord.  We were truly blessed to have such a leader.  In February 2008, Rev Ballinger was called to eternal rest.

In May of 2008, St. Luke offered it's pulpit to Rev. Robert C. Drake Sr.  Although young in the minister, under his leadership, we experienced tremendous spiritual growth.  Rev. Drake initiated a new members class, a church website and Children's Church.  Rev. Drake is a son of St. Luke; with his father pasturing for over thirty years and his mother being the music director, he is no stranger to the church.